Powering one roof at a time since 2005

Want to know what to expect when we install solar in your home? Here it is, step by step.


Free Solar Consultation

We will access your needs and requirement by assessing available space, analyzing energy usage, and using that information to create a custom proposal for your PV energy system.


Proposal and Payment Options

We will deliver a custom proposal for your system that will be focused on maximizing value. Included in the proposal will be determinations for cost of the system, how it can be paid for, and finally, what an expected return on investment could be.


System Design and Permitting

We will provide system designs and permit plan sets that will be prepared in compliance with the National Electric Code, as well as meeting and abiding by any regulations or local rules. Once the system design has been reviewed, modified, and approved, we will ship the material with a comprehensive Bill of Material. We can even assist with permitting process with local AHJ.



Once all the appropriate parts and components arrive at your site, our trained team will provide any assistants you need during the installation and post installation. Typically, a residential installation can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on factors like system size, technical know-how and complexity.


Maintenance and Warranties

Regardless of where you’re located in North America, we will provide you with your ‘Warranty Package’. This package is made up of any system drawings, relevant warranty information, any self-service or self-maintenance information and instructions, specifications for the products used in your system, and lastly, the inspection instructions you’ll need for your solar system to ensure optimal energy generation.