How to Sell Solar Energy without Going Door-to-Door

Do you currently have salespeople knocking on doors to try to sell more solar?

Are you getting the results you want—or does it seem like a waste of time and effort for minimal gain?

Even if you have a sales team expertly trained in how to sell solar energy, you’re probably looking for alternatives that are cheaper, less time consuming, and more consistent.

At Solerus Energy, we work with solar contractors of all sizes, so we know exactly how harsh the world of PV sales can be. Today, we’re here to help you out. We’ll go over “tried-and-tested” alternatives to door-knocking, which when combined with a finely-tuned sales process, can generate more sales in a fraction of the time and effort.

The Challenging World of Door-to-Door Sales

While there is undoubtedly business to be won by selling door to door, many solar companies have reduced or dropped this strategy, and it’s not hard to see why. Almost ten years ago, Forbes listed door-to-door sales as one of the “10 dead or dying career paths,” stating that there was little space (or patience) for surprise visits by random salespeople.

There are four primary reasons for the decline of the door-knocking approach:

  1. The conversion rates are generally low.
  2. It can cost valuable time and money.
  3. It can lead to a high turnover of salespeople.
  4. When executed poorly, it can ultimately damage your brand.

Even if you are generating results, it’s clear that your time and money can be better spent elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at proven alternatives.

How to Sell Solar Energy without Using Door-to-Door Sales

If you’re seeking alternative ways to generate business but don’t know where to start, here are effective paths to securing more installations.

Entice New Customers by Creating Value

Rather than persisting with the low probability of door-to-door sales, put your efforts into activities that focus on people who are already considering solar power and attract them to your business.

This method, commonly referred to as inbound marketing, can take the form of:

  • Hosting community information sessions
  • Creating helpful online videos and blog content
  • Running informative social media campaigns
  • Offering how-to guides and ebooks
  • Optimizing your website to answer common solar questions

Door-to-door sales are often ineffective because there’s no vested interest in the product, and it’s tough to build trust when you’re arriving unannounced. By creating helpful and informative content, you’re speaking to people who are already seeking information about solar—this way, you can position your business as an expert in the field.

Ensure That Your Business Has Prominent (and Positive) Online Reviews

Although selling solar can be tough, there’s no shortage of customers looking to install solar energy systems. The question is: how are they going to find you?

Most consumers new to the world of solar power will invariably jump onto Google to search for solar company reviews. If your business has positive reviews spread across multiple popular websites, it can be a powerful way to generate quality leads at zero cost.

While this approach may not always deliver high lead volumes, the inquiries will generally have a high conversion rate because your business has already been recommended by previous clients.

Encourage Your Existing Customers to Refer You

Arguably the most effective (and profitable) sales channel of any solar business is to encourage your existing customers to refer you to their families, friends, and co-workers.

If you don’t already have an official customer referral program in place, now is the time to do it.

Even if you don’t fine-tune all the details straight away, it’s a good idea to get the program up and running so you can measure the results.

You may wish to offer a cash reward—between $200 and $500 is advisable—to all customers who successfully refer a friend or family member to your business. If you wish, you may also offer the same reward to the new customer from the referral.

Once you’ve established the system, you can contact your existing customer database via mail, email, or telephone and encourage them to spread the word about your company. With the right incentives in place, you can even give them your own tips on how to sell solar energy, making it easier for them to convince their friends to contact you.

Consistent referrals are the foundation of almost every successful solar business. By creating a network of people who promote and recommend your company, you can reach more customers and expend less time and energy in the process.

Purchase Leads from a Reputable Solar Lead Supplier

Many solar companies supplement their quotes and sales by purchasing leads from an online broker. While this approach can sometimes deliver mixed results, it’s generally more successful than door-to-door sales in the sense that you’re talking to customers who at least have a certain amount of interest in purchasing solar power.

We suggest that all solar companies try out this approach, even if it’s just a small amount of leads here and there to measure the conversion rates. If you can work with a reputable broker that supplies high-quality leads, it can be a useful sales channel.

More Ways to Effectively Grow Your Business

Are you now considering new ideas and methods to generate more solar installations? If you would like further reading about succeeding in the competitive world of solar power, visit our information center for more industry advice and expert tips.

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We hope that your sales team spends less time knocking on doors and more time signing new customers.

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