What Is Solar Design and How Do You Design a DIY Solar Power System?

Once you have a general idea how much power you need and how large your solar system installation will be, your system will need to be designed.

Solar design is about taking the information you know about the amount of power you would like to generate and mapping out how compatible equipment will connect in the proper order and location to create your system.

Different types of systems require different equipment. You will always require solar panels (or modules) to generate DC power from the sun, and you will always need one or more inverters to convert that DC power into AC power that can be used by the appliances and other electrical load in your home. But a system tied to your local utility’s grid will typically require an AC disconnect between the inverter and utility grid, for example, while an off-grid system may use a DC disconnect as a shutoff before power gets from the panels to the inverter.

Both grid-tied and off-grid systems may incorporate a battery backup, and if that is something you desire, part of solar design will be determining how many batteries are needed to store the amount of electricity you want to have on hand for times when normal electrical supply may be unavailable — as well as where and how to connect the batteries.

It helps to like math and know a little about the relationship between watts, volts and amps when creating your own solar design. But for those of us who don’t fit that description, solar design services can be found at reasonable rates.

Solerus Energy offers all types of solar power design services, from basic standard system layouts and residential line diagrams to residential rooftop full permit plan sets you can use to obtain the permits you will need from local authorities. Standard system layouts and line diagrams are free when you purchase a residential system package from Solerus Energy.

Different people from a wide variety of skill sets start DIY solar projects — and some will be able to tackle the technical task of putting a system together from a design standpoint. Regardless of your level of expertise, Solerus Energy is here to answer your questions along the way and get your project rolling with the necessary design requirements needed to move your project forward.

If you have a design need, contact us. We are here to help you get unstuck and moving closer to a solar future.