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How to Choose the Best Discount Wholesale Solar Distributor

The residential and commercial solar industry is becoming highly saturated with wholesale solar distributors. With U.S. solar installations breaking records by nearly doubling in recent years, today’s discount wholesale distributors have begun to expand their roles by providing guidance, solar business support, and design services.

Options may now seem limitless, while a Contractor’s decisions appear more restricted.

As a Solar Contractor Owner, the challenges and concerns of losing bids to competition, meeting customer needs for tax incentives and subsidiary deadlines can weigh heavy on your decision to choose the best discount wholesaler. Therefore, it’s critical to leverage a good supplier that can truly relate to the plethora of challenges you face within your solar business.

Fortunately, present-day solar distributors are becoming known as a partner to contractors, offering many more strategic solutions that help their clients succeed. In fact, learning how to choose the best discount wholesale solar distributor is easier than imagined.

Understanding the following tips will help Solar Contractors confidently identify a solar supplier that will not only provide discounts but deliver insight and foresight towards the long-term goals of a Contractor’s clients.

Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a solar distributor.

Choosing A Discount Wholesale Solar Distributor that Engages with Solar Contractors and Clients

When a discount wholesale solar distributor demonstrates their ability to help their own DIY clients, it reflects their profound communication skills and expertise to provide contractors with the insights needed for their own customers.

Therefore, choose a discount wholesale distributor that promotes strong thought-leadership, an attribute that displays their authority and trust in the solar distribution industry.

Thought leadership attributes that “shine” in the solar distributor industry

Before a project is even bid on, a good discount wholesale solar distributor gets involved to discuss:

  • Which parts to use for each specific solar installation service;
  • Best practices for completing your particular solar contracting services;
  • How to safely execute each solar project efficiently and affordably.

Why Solar Contractors Should Look for Thought Leadership in Their Discount Wholesaler

Alongside amazing deals and discounts as a registered contractor, choosing a discount wholesaler who demonstrates authority by engaging with both contractors and DIY clients has several extended benefits. Expert solar wholesale distributors will also help contractors:

  • Offset high customer acquisition costs with lower-cost equipment;
  • Gain insight about lower-cost equipment they’re unfamiliar with using;
  • Avoid losing bids to competition through various solar resources.

With a targeted look at these benefits, Solar Contractors are guaranteed to find a long-term solar partner that they can trust and count on for that extra client satisfaction and support that is needed.

Choosing a Discount Wholesale Solar Distributor that Provides Product Insights

A solar contractor’s residential or commercial solar clients are cognizant to seek cheap services, but not at the expense of low-quality products. The quality of products you offer your solar customers is not separated from their experience with you as their installation expert.

Never compromise the overall installation experience of your solar customers. Compromising can lead to negative reviews—which lead to negative referrals that hurt your business.

Take responsibility by seeking a discount wholesaler that understands the need to offer:

  • Both affordable and high-quality, well-known solar products;
  • Solar products that meet government subsidiary timelines.

Remember, the best discount wholesale solar distributor will always supply its contractors and DIY clients with high-performing tools and the insight to optimize those tools in order to secure your repeat business.

Demonstrates Partnerships with Energy Suppliers and EPCs

A key element in choosing a discount wholesale solar distributor is to find one that has expanded its partnerships to include both small and large energy suppliers.

Any discount wholesaler can simply stock solar products and sell them.

Pay close attention to discount wholesalers that emphasize the importance of expanding their markets and show a common interest in the latest strategic solar solutions for your clients—regardless of company size. Choose a solar distributor that offers contractors access to financing mechanisms, discounts on equipment, and professional assistance on permitting and system design.

Additionally, the best discount wholesale solar distributor will extend benefits and savings through contractor registration programs.

Understands the Importance to Meet Your Clients’ Rebate Needs

According to recent studies, the fall in solar power system prices and the extension of two key subsidies (the 30% solar tax credit and the net metering laws in several key states) mean solar is now an extremely good investment for most owners and single-family homes.

To maximize your customer’s solar rebate needs, consider a discount wholesale distributor that recognizes the significance in:

  • Leveraging customers tax credits before the end of the year;
  • Offering products that help solar clients meet government subsidy deadlines.

Acquiring a wholesaler who comprehends the critical aspect of these types of client savings will boost your ability to gain new leads and make solar services less intimidating to their clients.

In essence, choosing the best discount wholesale solar distributor requires you to find one that helps you nurture your customers. The wholesaler should demonstrate the ability to provide a wealth of insight and support alongside affordable solar products.

Moreover, it’s highly important to leverage a distributor that recognizes the challenges contractors face and targets specialized solutions on their behalf. The wholesaler should see you as a partner and a value you as a potential long-term registered contractor.

With more than 20 years of experience, Solerus Energy’s discount wholesale services have been helping solar contractors and their solar clients:

  • Save time and money on system design and implementation;
  • Receive competitive prices for both residential and commercial projects;
  • Experience client-driven service and support;
  • Obtain full permit packages.

Are you ready to partner with the best online discount wholesale solar distributor? We invite you to schedule a consultation and expand the opportunity to become your go-to solar resource.

Solerus Energy provides solar contractors with information to help them save money on high-quality solar equipment and services. To learn more about maximizing the benefits of a solar wholesaler, feel free to contact us!