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3 Solar Contractor Discount Program Perks that Cut Project Costs

Are you a solar contractor looking for ways to offset your solar PV system project costs? You might think that’s impossible, especially when the numbers seem to reinforce that.

While the prices for solar hardware go down, soft costs now account for almost two-thirds of a solar contractor’s project costs. What adds insult to injury is that costs have risen from 58% in 2014 to current levels. Soft costs make up $1.00/W or $7,000 on to the cost of a solar installation. And these numbers don’t stop there when it comes to soft costs.

The SEIA estimates that a one week delay in system installation due to permitting, inspection, and interconnection processes increases the client cancelation rate by up to 10%.

There are essentially two parallel issues in play: the 18,000 local jurisdictions that oversee permitting and inspections and the more than 3,000 utilities that deal with interconnections. In many cases, full interconnection process can take up to 67 days. This results in customer dissatisfaction and potential project cancellation.

Solar contractor need assistance in lowering these non-hardware costs. Some government initiatives are now coming into play. The SEIS’s Solar Automated Permitting Process (SolAPP) is working toward faster permitting processes at the federal, state, and local levels. The SolSmart program is also helping local governments make it easier, faster, and more affordable to go solar. SolSmart works with cities, counties, and towns to streamline their local solar requirements and remove any barriers, making them “open for solar business.”

However, solar contractors still require additional help.

There’s a solar installer-friendly company that helps take the sting out of increased project costs. We provide a contractor discount program for hardware and services.

Why not get the perks? Here are 3 that can help cut costs.

1. Losing Solar Customers and Profits Aren’t an Option

When the prospect of losing solar customers and profits loom high, there’s a contractor discount program that helps offset project costs through Soleus Energy. Solerus Energy partners with solar contractors with discounted high-quality equipment and a variety of free services.

Solerus Energy provides two free solar services as part of their solar contractor discount:

  • Full solar design and permit set
  • Permit package

These are free with any residential system up to 25kW for any U.S.-based residential or commercial installation.

This include a battery back-up and off-grid solar installations for small and large commercial installations.

No matter what’s needed, Solerus Energy helps with the paperwork needed to pull appropriate permits for solar projects.

Full design and permit set

Solerus Energy’s free full design and permit set is available for residential systems from 10kW to 25kW or $0.01/W to $0.05/W, depending on the size of the system. There’s everything needed to solar permitting in the project’s local area:

  • Cover page
  • Site plan
  • Array layout and attachment details
  • Single line diagram

We offer a full system layout and shading analysis that’s free with a full system order or $250 with a component order. We also supply a full system layout and shading analysis.

Permit set

Solerus Energy provides a full permit package as part of their solar contractor discount. This consists of:

  • Single line diagram
  • System mechanical layout
  • Installation plan
  • Product datasheet

If something different is needed, there is a single line diagram and/or a system layout and shading analysis only.

We can also supply contractors with Structural and Electrical PE stamps for all 50 states. This reduces the costs of obtaining stamps.

2. Discounted, High-Quality Equipment from Well-Known Manufacturers

In addition to their free services, contractors can also benefit from budget-friendly, high-quality hardware from established, well-known manufacturers. Hardware is developed based on the required certifications and code standards, so solar contractors receive the best, dependable solutions for residential and commercial systems. From solar panels and inverters to mounts and racking to balance of grid components and back-up batteries, solar contractors have the equipment for their solar projects.

3. NABCEP-Certified Support Services for Before, During, AND After Installation

Solerus Energy’s NABCEP-certified support services staff is unique in that we provide assistance at any phase of the installation, whether it’s before, during, OR after the project is complete. Any time there are questions, the staff addresses them and removes the problems of any reworks or other issues with the installation. We can also help in completing a BOM that can be turned into an order.

Our staff supplies high-quality design services for the permitting as well as construction, and commissioning needs for systems from 2kW to 500kW. There is also support for larger systems available. Solerus Energy staff can travel to the project site and inspect the system and provide a complete commissioning report for the customer or finance company.

In addition, a structural and geotechnical analysis is offered through Solerus Energy’s third-party partnerships with engineers who are local to the site.

Take Back Control of Solar Costs with a Contractor Discount

Solar installation soft costs are something you have no control over. That said, you can partner with Solerus Energy and receive extensive perks that range from discounted hardware to free design and permit and permit-only services. When you want to offset those irritating soft costs, you have a company who’s got your back from the start of your installations right through completion.

Ready to learn more about partnering for your contractor discount? Speak with one of our knowledgeable solar equipment experts and get a free customer quote and more!