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Canadian Solar Panels Review: 300W PV Module

Every day, the airwaves seem saturated with reports of new and amazing advances in solar technology. Recently developed perovskite cells hold the promise of cheap solar modules, able to create electricity from a broad spectrum of sunlight. A decade ago, the Johnson Thermoelectric Energy System promised solar cells with a 60% efficiency, though little has been said about it since.

And that’s just the thing—new world-changing breakthroughs always seem to be just around the corner, but rarely do they show up as promised. As a solar contractor, your customers clamor for the latest, bleeding-edge technology. But you know that what you really need to do is provide high-quality, reliable hardware at a great price.

While Canadian Solar Panels 300W PV Module may not be the latest, most exciting product on the market, it offers solid performance at a reasonable price. And when you buy from a wholesaler that has quality hardware for your entire Bill of Materials, as well as providing additional design services, you get a fantastic value.

About Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar, founded in Ontario Canada in 2001, has grown into one of the largest solar module providers in the world. Operating in 19 countries, spread across 6 continents, it has delivered over 32 GW of PV modules since their inception.

The company manufactures products that range from the less expensive polycrystalline panels to more efficient mono PERC modules. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules differ in that monocrystalline solar cells are made from a single silicon ingot, and thus are more efficient. That means less space is required to get the same wattage as polycrystalline panels.

Introduced in 1988, PERC technology has become a stable technology that improves the efficiency of many modern solar modules. PERC, or Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, increases cell performance by applying a passivation film on the rear of the panel. The front of the cell receives light while the rear of the cell absorbs scattered and reflected light. Collecting light that would otherwise get lost improves the panels overall efficiency.

Canadian Solar Panels 300W Module uses mono PERC technology.

Measuring PV Efficiency

Efficiency persists as the leading parameter used to compare solar cells. For solar modules, efficiency is a measure of the ratio of energy the cell outputs to the amount of energy put into the cell from the sun.

Currently, mono PERC solar modules range in efficiency from about 15% on the low end up to around 24% for high-end modules using cutting edge technology. Canadian Solar Panels 300W PV module boasts a respectable 18.33% efficiency.

Real-World Performance

To understand a solar cell’s performance, you need to look at it under real-world conditions. And, the amount of sunlight and the temperature modules receive affect how much power the cells can actually produce. Solar modules perform best in cool, bright conditions. As a general rule, a solar cell’s electricity production will decrease by its temperature coefficient for every degree above 25℃ (77℉). Likewise, solar cells vary by how much energy they can produce with low irradiance.

When it comes to performing under low irradiant conditions, the Canadian Solar Panels 300W module achieves a low irradiance efficiency of 97.5%. These panels will still deliver a good amount of power when the sun rises and sets, and on cloudy days.

The temperature coefficient for solar panels ranges from as low as -0.26%/°C for the top of the line models to as high as -0.42%/℃. Canadian Solar Panel 300W module’s temperature coefficient is -0.39%/℃.

Consider the Price

High-end, high-efficiency solar modules typically equip solar installations concerned with maximizing output in a small space. For the bulk of solar projects, however, the cost and dependability of the system matter most.

And price is where Canadian Solar really shines. These mid-tier modules, built using reliable and proven technology, are priced at a lower-tier level. That means you’ll get all the panels you need and still be able to provide real value for your customers.

Solerus Energy Wholesale Distribution Provides Added Value

Getting reliable, cost-effective solar modules for your project ranks as a top priority for any solar installation project. But clearly, that’s not enough. And tracking down all the parts you’ll need to complete the buildout can get cumbersome. When you partner with Solerus, you’ll get access to our complete line of solar equipment. We stock a full range of supplies that can fill the entire BOM for the project at industry leading prices.

Additionally, when you place an order for a complete project, our NABCEP certified technical staff will provide you with a full solar design and permit package. In it, you’ll find everything you’ll need to complete the solar permitting process, including an electrical single line diagram, a system mechanical layout, an installation plan, and product datasheets for each piece of equipment you purchase.

The Important Take-Away

The Canadian Solar 300W PV Module offers mid-range efficiency and performance. The strength of this module lies in its economy and reliability. Combined with Solerus’ design services and ability to fill your complete BOM, you’ll be able to provide unparalleled value to your customers.

Want to learn more about Canadian Solar’s 300W PV module? Speak with one of our knowledgeable solar equipment experts and get a free custom quote on this item and more here!