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3-Phase 36KW 480VAC Canadian Solar Inverters: In-Depth Review

About Canadian Solar Inverters

Canadian Solar, one of the three leading solar companies in the world by revenue, has more than 1,200 active customers globally, has cooperated with 70 international banks, and has shipped more than 32GW of PV modules over their 18-year history.’s comprehensive review of the company concludes that Canadian Solar is “A Solid, Bankable Brand.” So it’s safe to assume their 3-Phase 36KW 480VAC Canadian Solar Inverters are up to par.

String Solar Inverters and Canadian Solar CSI-36KTL-CT

The majority of solar installations require a dedicated solar inverter. String inverters, for solar panels connected in series, are the most common type of inverter used in Europe, Australia, Asia, and are growing in popularity in the US, according to Clean Energy Reviews.

High quality sine wave inverters are rated at 90-95% efficiency. This Canadian Solar inverter has a maximum/peak efficiency of 98.5%, and a CEC weighted efficiency of 98.0% and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Specifically regarding this inverter, Solacity reports, “After their success in the PV module arena Canadian Solar now also tackles the inverter market. Canadian Solar inverters offer a great price-per-Watt, and have the well-known and respected CSI name & support behind them! What makes these inverters unique is that they can be derated to any Wattage (up to their maximum output power) for exactly that output power. This allows you to hit an exact rated power for a Feed-In-Tariff project.”

Solacity also states that the Canadian Solar CSI-36KTL-CT inverter’s three phase grid-tied transformerless string inverter can “accommodate four arrays mounted at different azimuth and/or tilt angles, different string lengths – even different size modules.” With its conversion efficiency and wide operating voltage window, this inverter will provide maximum power generation, while its 1,000 Volt DC strings allow for Balance-Of-System cost saving.

Canadian Solar CSI-36KTL-CT Inverter

Canadian Solar‘s grid-tied, transformerless string inverters help accelerate the use of three-phase string architecture for commercial rooftop and small ground-mount applications. An NRTL approved, cost-effective alternative to central inverters, these inverters are modular design building blocks that provide high yield and enable significant BoS cost savings. They provide up to 98.6% conversion efficiency, a wide operating range of 200-800 VDC, and four MPPTs for maximum energy harvest.

Key Features

• Maximum efficiency of 98.6%, CEC efficiency of 98.3%

• 4 MPPTs to achieve higher system efficiency

• Transformerless design

• High switching frequency and ultra-fast MPPT (<5 sec.) for maximum efficiency over a wide load range

High Reliability

• Advanced thermal design

• Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit

• AFCI Integrated (per UL1699B, factory enabled option)

Broad Adaptability

• NEMA 4X (IP65), outdoor application

• Utility interactive controls: active power derating, reactive power control and over frequency derating

• Integrated wiring box design

• Integrated DC and AC load rated disconnects

• Wide MPPT range for flexible string sizing

• 90 degree installation angle

• AC terminals compatible with copper and aluminum conductors (Al with bimetallic terminal)

• Supports up to 8 DC string inputs (2 per MPPT)

In short, this Canadian Solar inverter packs maximum efficient power punch for a minimal price, with the added benefit of installation adaptability/flexibility and 10-year warranty.

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The Important Take-Away

Solar inverters are the most likely component to fail in most solar installations. When you choose your inverter, you want one backed by a “solid, bankable brand.” Combined with Solerus’ design services and ability to fill your complete BoM, you’ll be able to provide unparalleled value to your customers. (PDF)

Want to learn more about Canadian Solar’s Inverters? Speak with one of our knowledgeable solar equipment experts and get a free custom quote on this item and more here!

Detailed Reference Material

Canadian Solar 3-Phase 36KW 480VAC String Inverter Datasheet (PDF)

Canadian Solar 3-Phase 36KW 480VAC String Inverter Datasheet (PDF)

CSI-36KTL-GS Installation and Operation Manual (PDF)