Full Review: Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower Solar Panel

The growth of the solar industry explodes every year. Not only do more residential homes install solar modules, but businesses and power companies also increase their solar footprints. And when the industry isn’t booming, it seems to transform itself in new and surprising ways. This rapid expansion and change make it almost impossible for solar contractors to keep up with everything happening in the industry.

As a contractor, you need to provide your customers with high-quality hardware that comes with a great warranty. Even better, if you can get these things in a comprehensive package deal at industry leading prices and with professional design services that streamline your permitting and installation processes.

When it comes to great value, designing a new installation around the Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower solar panel fits the bill. And with Solerus’ contractor prices and design services, you’ll get a real value.

Axitec is an Industry Leader

Since opening its doors in 2001, this German company rocketed to the top of the industry and now is a leader in the competitive solar module manufacturing sector. Axitec manufactures its products in Asia and Europe and distributes them worldwide. Their price, quality, and warranty make their solar modules a popular choice. And exceptional Greman engineering makes these panels some of the most efficient in the market.

Types of Solar Modules

Selecting the right solar panel for your project requires balancing several competing factors: cost, efficiency, and reliability, to name three important elements. Solar modules come in three varieties: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Monocrystalline panels, the most efficient of the three, are also the most mature technology. Thin slices of a single silicon crystal ingot make up the cells of these panels, but the manufacturing process is both expensive and wasteful. These panels are well suited for projects with significant space limitations that can take advantage of their efficiency. However, their cost makes them less attractive for projects less concerned with space.

Polycrystalline panels suffer a slight efficiency disadvantage. However, the manufacturing process to make this type of panel is easier and more cost-effective, and these panels tend to be slightly more heat tolerant. The technology used to manufacture these panels is now more than 30 years old, and manufacturers perfected the process to build these modules, making them as reliable as any other product on the market.

Thin-Film panels have gotten a lot of press lately because of their versatility. They can be made to conform to almost any shape, and many people find them more aesthetically pleasing. A machine deposits a thin film of photovoltaic material onto a solid surface, commonly glass, to make this type of panel. However, these panels are the least efficient on the market.

Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower solar panels are polycrystalline. In the final analysis, the performance difference between the two crystalline cell types is minimal and shouldn’t be the key determinant. Unless your installation project has significant space restrictions, the cost advantage of polycrystalline modules will allow you to provide your customers with the best value possible.

However, if you have a project that requires monocrystalline modules, the monocrystalline Canadian Solar 300W module may be a good option.

Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower Solar Panels

Solar modules get an efficiency rating using a fixed set of parameters, known as the Standard Test Conditions. The STC measures the power output from cells at a temperature of 25C, receiving 1 KW/m2 radiation, with no wind present. While these conditions don’t reflect normal circumstances, the STC does provide a convenient benchmark for judging the relative efficiency of different cells.

Polycrystalline modules range in efficiency from 13% to 16%. The Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower solar panel has a module conversion efficiency of 16.49%, which puts it at the high end of the spectrum.

Another way to judge the quality of solar panels is to look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A good warranty means that the company believes in the quality of its products and is willing to put their profits on the line. The industry-standard warranty for most solar modules is ten years. However, Axitec gives a 15-year warranty for its panels, which indicates that Axitec believes it produces a superior product.

Solerus Adds Value

As a contractor, however, it’s not really enough to find the perfect solar module for your clients–on its own, a module doesn’t do anything. You need the hardware to complete the entire project. And, if you can find all the hardware you need in one place at industry-leading prices, even better.

Solerus offer special discounts for contractors and can supply all the hardware you need for every job. But we do more than just that. We provide professional design services that will help you get the permits you need fast.

What you need to know…

Axitec 320 Watt AXIpower solar panels are reliable and cost-effective. Axitec’s superior 15-year warranty demonstrates the company’s commitment to its products. And the best part: when you buy your complete BOM from Solerus, you’ll benefit from our unbeatable prices and technical services.

Want to learn more about Axitec solar panels? Speak with one of our knowledgeable solar equipment experts and get a free custom quote on this item and more here!